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Improving efficiencies to deliver better customer experiences

Transforming the in-store experience

Brick and mortar retail stores have been facing serious challenges for years. Organizations need to be where their customers are and encourage interactions through online branding, whether that be with chatbots, augmented reality, coupons, and the like, in addition to in-person interaction. By investing in technology focused on the customer experience, retailers are able to gather customer data in a highly accurate and timely manner, and then create actionable insights across every channel and customer touchpoint. Offering shoppers a secure, fast speed Internet access to all of these is not only critical - it's expected.

Future-proofing your brick and mortar

In the retail industry, you are either a brand that can adapt to the digital world, or you're a brand that will fade away. You must be able to meet the ever-changing demands of the customer while remaining their source for instant gratification when making a purchase. Employee tablets, registers, inventory management, point-of-sale software, online coupons, in-store Wi-Fi access, and e-commerce capabilities all require reliable wireless connectivity. Additionally, the network needs to be completely secure for the protection of customer data, and lastly, it needs to be scalable in order to support holiday seasons, grand openings, and more. Zito will create a customized network for success that meets the changing demands of the consumer and gives your brick and mortar store the sustainability it requires to endure the industry's most rapidly changing landscape.

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