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A network that's ready for tomorrow's digital advances.

Accelerated learning requires an accelerated network service provider

As 1 Mbps per student becomes the new benchmark, digital learning takes on a whole new meaning. Today's classrooms and educational organizations are becoming increasingly connected, in addition to the fast-evolving trends of total mobility and IoT. With these trends come higher demands and dependencies on the network infrastructure. Mobility necessitates continuous connectivity everywhere, while IoT needs the fastest and most reliable connections to ensure operational effectiveness and efficiencies. Before your organization can strive towards reaching the 1 Mbps per student standard, one must have a highly scalable infrastructure that is capable of such adaptations.

A more connected infrastructure requires a more powerful network solution

The unwavering performance, security, and reliability of the network is vital for the success of today's digital learning environments. Zito's customized, high capacity transport regional WAN solutions provide your organization the ability to seamlessly link districts and buildings to a dedicated Internet connectivity, with both managed and unmanaged solution options from 1 to 10 Gbps. By peering with the region's most trusted providers, Zito provides your educational institution direct connection to networks such as Google Cache Services and Apple, creating highly efficient bandwidth utilization and the quickest access possible. Partnering with Zito for your reliable network solution requirements allows your business to achieve that 1 Mbps per student connectivity and keep your digital learning capabilities advancing into the future.

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