Voice Trunking

Zito Trunking products provide businesses with a secure, cost-effective and scalable voice solution that is easy to manage.  Zito leverages its decade long leadership in the telecom industry to bring the customer a truly robust and reliable Trunking product at a fraction of the cost for PSTN solutions or even other SIP providers.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking delivers on the VoIP/SIP promise of powerful features, simplicity of use, low operating costs, fast turn up and efficient use of existing hardware. Our SIP Trunking product enables full scalability and addresses the evolving needs of growing companies from the SMB to the Enterprise business.  With SIP Trunking, everything between the customer and the Zito network is pure SIP and this gives us the ability to use state-of-the-art, fault tolerant, IP interconnection.

PRI Trunking

Our local voice service provides local access for PBX phone systems and may be customized to meet your specific requirements.  Zito's PRI ISDN service utilizes 23 channels of a T-1's 24 channels for inbound and outbound calling. The 24th-or 'D' channel-is used for signaling information and call control.

Digital Trunking

Zito's digital trunks carry both outgoing and incoming calls, giving you the ability to combine trunk groups for maximum network efficiency. Incoming calls can terminate either at a switchboard operator's console, or go directly to individual extensions.

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