Data Center

The data center is an essential corporate asset that connects all servers, applications, and storage services. Businesses rely on their data centers to support critical business operations and drive greater efficiency and value. As such, Zito's data center consulting team can help your organization plan, design, implement, and optimize your data center to meet the growing performance demands of users and applications. Zito offers a comprehensive data center network solution that combines best-in-class products with well-defined practices to build high-performance, robust, virtualized, and cost-effective data center networks. Our reference architectures propose practices, technologies, and products that help data center architects and engineers who are responsible for answering the requirements of designing modern data center networks that support business goals.

Zito's consulting team augments your resources to:

  • Assess your existing data center network.
  • Design a highly available, scalable, secure IP network.
  • Implement your desired network changes with seamless execution.
  • Operate your data center.

Let Zito handle the technology so that you can focus on what you do best, your business.

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